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In-home consultation In-home consultation

We offer an in-home consultation service at Nadon et Fils, which means you don’t have to get up and go anywhere. Contact us and one of our flooring experts will come to your home.

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Decoration Decoration

At Nadon et Fils, a graduate designer will give you in-store advice on choice of flooring, blinds, wall color and wallpaper. Click here to contact us.

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Installation Installation

Buy one of our flooring products and benefit from our unique installation service. We have a rapid, hassle-free and professional installation service. Contact us now for additional details.

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3D plans 3D plans

At Nadon et Fils Inc., we are very pleased to announce the appointment of Ms. Kathrine Paquette as Designer within our team. Ms. Paquette will be able to carry out design consultations in addition to offering you her expertise in the production of 3D plans. Would you like to work with us on a project with the opportunity to have a visual before starting? This is now possible and would save you a lot of disappointment! To access this personalized service, we ask that you book an appointment with Kathrine at 819-986-5962.

* Fees are applicable for this service, depending on the size of the project and the time to be allocated.

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Nearly 60 years ago

Nadon et Fils inc. was founded nearly 60 years ago. The family company started off with just a roll of sheet flooring and has become the most prominent flooring retailer in the region. Throughout the company's 60-year history, the builders of Nadon et Fils inc. have worked tirelessly to take the company to great heights.

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